Climbing through Challenges while

Finding My Nineveh

As told through the Book of Jonah, God sometimes presents us with challenges we don’t want to face. Rather than seeking to escape such struggles, we must seek to do God’s will, creating meaning and relevance through the decisions we make.






Principles to Guide our Decisions

As human beings, regardless of what era we’re living in, we all face challenges and struggles. Life may be going splendidly well, or we may be living in the midst of difficulties. Those choices we make during good times and bad will always come with opportunity costs. By making purpose-driven decisions, we may put ourselves in a better position to serve God’s will.

This website will chronicle a commitment to finding my Ninevea during a time of forced separation that I don’t fully understand. Principles of faith, family, finance, friends, fitness, and fun will serve as the compass to guide my decisions.

Follow Along on my Journey

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, I will surrender to federal prison. I anticipate that I’ll spend two weeks in quarantine, then join the population. I’ll use this website to lay out a plan. The plan will guide me to a life of service. Click the link below to receive updates on how I’m striving to live in service to others.

Teach a Man to Fish

In this interview, I shared strategies that anyone could follow to begin building a life of meaning and relevance through personal development. Read the accompanying lesson plan we worked on to teach and inspire more than 100,000 people that live in jails and prisons.