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1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

This past week has been a rather tough week for me mentally.  I miss my family dearly.  Also, I was discouraged a bit because I felt Derek backslide too much.  I though perhaps he really does not want to heal.  However, after our meeting last night I realized he has improved by leaps and bounds.

Before I surrendered, Derek was here in prison wanting to heal, but had no true way.  He shared with me before he was arrested, he did not want to be part of the Almighty’s plan.  Once here in prison, he decided he wants to be part of His plan and have a hedge of protection.  However, Derek’s actions did not show it as much as he liked.

Then I showed up and agreed to be his accountability partner.  Derek, while he has slipped this week, still has improved to where his backsliding was less than previous times he slipped.  So we are viewing it as an improvement considering the circumstances.

I am glad the Father uses me as a vessel to help Derek.  Please pray for his continued healing so when he takes 1 step back he can take 2 steps forward.

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