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5/22/21: One Day at a Time

Prison, A Typical Day

Today I read another book by Michael Santos called “Prison, My 8,334th Day, A Typical Day in an Ongoing Journey.” Amazingly, Michael is so driven to accomplish his goals that he usually gets up at 1am (he goes to bed early). This allows him more quiet, private time. His passion is helping not only himself, but others to prepare to prosper upon their release from prison. In addition, he also shares wisdom on how to avoid prison.

He tries to convey that his quest is to live as the best husband that he can be and the best person that he can become, which will not end when he is done in prison. Prison is simply part of his journey. External factors like whether he is in prison or not do not define him. Only decisions he makes and whether those decisions harmonize with his values define him. His main objective is to succeed upon release. He doesn’t care about prison reputation or perceptions.

Reading this book really highlighted the fact that Michael is not just some guy with cheap talk. He truly walks his walk. He clearly had his goals and took action. Relentlessly, day in and day out. What an inspiration. Hopefully one day I can meet Michael Santos and shake his hand.

The world needs more people like him. I wish I would have known of him sooner. If you too are facing this kind of burden in your life, I suggest looking up Michael Santos.

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