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5/25/21: Keeping it Real

Keeping It Real

Another hard to sleep night in quarantine with clanging keys, flashlights, people flushing toilets, and even people commenting loudly about their restroom experiences. I guess they are just keeping it real.

Speaking of keeping it real, when I was in college, my friends Nate and Matt would watch a comedy sketch show on TV with me that featured a skit called “Keeping It Real.” So today I thought that I would write how I am keeping it real in prison. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

You know that you are Keeping It Real in prison when:

  • You are still using the same Styrofoam cup that they gave you when you got here.
  • You are rationing toilet paper since you only get two rolls in quarantine.
  • You are controlling the room temperature by tweaking the air flow with the rationed toilet paper.
  • There is a strategy to blowing your nose, since you are conserving toilet paper.
  • You must save your breakfast spork that you get every morning with your cornflakes since that is the only utensil that you get that day.
  • You must fold your mattress to get some relief for your back.
  • You are using dirty laundry for a pillow.
  • You perk up when you hear the meal cart come toward your cell since that is one of the few times that you get any social interaction.
  • You get so excited to receive a handwritten letter.

Hopefully you enjoyed the list. Speaking of the last one about letters, I would seriously love to hear from you in the form of a handwritten letter. It would be great to hear if any of the posts have made you think about or have reminded you of anything. Knowing that I helped out at least one person would make my day in my search to Find My Ninevah.

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