6/11/21: Are You a Guru at Something?

One of the unfortunate things in prison is lack of storage space.  Each in mate only gets a locker about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  Only the left side has shelves in it.  The clothes they issue you here already take up about half.  This can lead to quite the dilemma. 

How can one fit the rest of your stuff such as food, toiletries, books, drinks, etc…. in there.  Now I was an eagle scout back in the day so I am not too shabby with knowing how to “rough” it shall we say.  However, my new roommate named “Boston” (since that is where he is from) takes things to a whole new level.  He has been locked up for decades.  He basically not only told me his secrets to making it aesthically and ergonomically pleasing but showed me. 

Some of the amazing secrets were laying drinks flat and then stacking books on top.  Another secret was taking a cardboard top that was being thrown away and creating a shelf out of it.  Still yet another one was creating a clothing line in front of the locker by wrapping a string around the back of the door.  He literally doubled my space available from what I had!!!  He truly is a guru at this and could easily be a consultant for people living in limited storage space.  After all, he has been doing this for years!!!!

Have you been doing a task everyday or so for the past 3 years or more which you do not think is a big deal, but others might?  For example, my beautiful wife, Georgia, checks on her family’s cows everyday.  She sees things that the average person would not even remotely consider.  When I got out to check cows with her, I feel like a idiot.  I have no clue what to look for.  She is definitely a guru at checking for herd health.  Any cattle farmer would give her a job in a heartbeat.

Another example could be you enjoying fixing things around your house.  You could put those skills to use and help others with their home repairs.  My great friend Seth is instrumental in helping repair things at my house.  He is amazed I even know how to screw in a lightbulb or use a screwdriver or hammer.  That is how bad I am at repairing things.  To him, though, it is no big deal.

The Almighty has blessed everyone with talents.  Think about something you do everyday as if it is second nature to you, but others would have no clue and consider it a big deal.  Be a guru like “Boston”, my wife Georgia and my friend Seth.

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