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6/13/21: Keeping it Real, III

As I get more and more adjusted to living in prison, it is only prudent to do more Keeping It Real In Prison.  Hopefully you get more of a picture what life is really like here.

You know you are keeping it real in prison when:

1.  You see 30 guys benching over 300 pounds each at the rec yard like it is nothing.

2. You see people eating homemade pizza made with steam from the hot water dispenser the unit has.  (People are very creative here with making foods.)

3.  You are one of the few people without at least 3 tattoos.  (Don’t worry Georgia, I am not planning on getting any. Though you can get them here somehow.)

4.  You must walk through metal detectors going into the chow (lunch) hall and walk through again when leaving.

5.  You are not allowed to walk around with your hands in your pockets.  (Guards might think you have a small weapon in them or something.  I just carry everything in my hands that I need.)

6.  You are surrounded by 5 other people in the phone room all listening to your conversation.

7.  You must wait an additional 15 minutes to go somewhere outside your unit because the guard was busy with something else that most likely has nothing to do with work.  (Sometimes they really are busy with something such as attending to an inmate who is having seizures.)

8.  You can’t leave your room an additional 20 minutes AFTER the scheduled count time because a guard was late coming to the unit building.  All counts of inmates must be done with 2 guards.

9.  You must wash your socks in the shower because the if you give them to the laundry team the socks have a way of never coming back.  Quite the mystery where the socks go.

10.  You must hang your socks and workout shirts on screws that former inmates have put in the walls over the years so they can dry after washing them in the shower. 

Hopefully you enjoyed these.  I will work on writing down some more for you guys as I get more and more adjusted.

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