6/14/21: Searching for Truth

The other day I feel I was another step closer to finding my nineveh.  Being here at a prison of approximately 1200 inmates, one can encounter a very wide variety of people.  All of them are at different points of their journey in prison.  Some of them are truly seeking the truth of what this thing we call life is all about.

I have started attending a Bible study held everyday at 4:30 PM.  We meet at this time because everyone must be in their unit building then, and cannot leave til 5:15 or so for “chow” aka dinner.  One of the people in the group is “D”.  He realizes he has messed up, but is on the mend.  He has been searching for the messiah.  He has been going to church for years before prison, but admittingly was simply a pew warmer who just showed up for his hour of power on Sunday mornings.  He wants to learn how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament.  He usually has ignored the Old Testament because he found it boring.  Well the Almighty has blessed me with the ability to be able to show how everything connects.  

I opened up Isaiah 53 and then had him compare it to what Yeshua (Jesus) had happen.  He has never read Isaiah 53.  He was amazed that something written long before Yeshua (Jesus) was ever born could be so spot on.  He said this is what he was looking for.  I shared other passages with him like Psalm 22.  I shared with him that these are the type of verses Yeshua (Jesus) most likely shared with the 2 people on the road to Emmaus.  I explained to “D” that back then they only had the Old Testament.  

He thanked me for sharing my wisdom and commented on how having someone with my background/heritage brings the scriptures full circle.  This is a talent of mine that Almighty has blessed me with.  It is a passion of mine.  Perhaps “D” is my nineveh.

If you are ever wondering what is this life all about and truly searching for proof on who the messiah is, look up Isaiah 53.  It is extremely detailed in describing what happened on the day Yeshua (Jesus) died.  It was written hundreds of years before he was even born.  Any God that can do that without EVER being wrong deserves our full attention and allegiance.

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