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6/17/21: I will Follow the Almighty!

The other day when hanging with Derek, he shared with me that ever since I arrived he has grown closer to the Almighty.  He shared with me that he usually has not had anyone else to challenge him and push him and basically hold him accountable.  I truly value his friendship.  

Because of me being able to help him grow closer to the Almighty, he finally was able to write separate letters to his parents.  Without getting into detail about Derek’s past, lets just say he felt neglected and abused.  He has been in prison for over 3 years so far and has struggled to have clear enough thoughts to be able to articulate to his parents his feelings.  He finally wrote these letters out to his parents while at the same time letting them know he forgives them.  This pain he has been bottling up is finally gone and quite frankly has allowed him to grow even more in his faith.  He is much more at peace than ever before.

I praise the Father and Son for using me as a vessel to help Derek. 

So my initial thought upon meeting Derek was he was my Nineveh or at least one of several that I’ve been destined to meet.  As much as I would like to say my mission is accomplished here in Lexington, I feel there is more that must be done.  So I will continue to pray and ask the Father to show me who else I need to speak with and / or what else I need to learn.  Please continue to pray for me that HE will show me what I must do.  

Literally after I wrote the above sentence, another guy I have written about named “D” came into my room to personally thank me again for my wisdom and background.  He said the Almighty has allowed people like myself into his life to help him get over his deep deep pain he has from his past actions that unfortunately cost him his marriage.  “D” is one of the guys that comes to the 4:30 PM Bible Study we have EVERYDAY!!!!

Wow, the Father definitely knows how to answer prayer fast sometimes.  I am not sure if my mission is accomplished here or not because yesterday the Unit Manager admitted in my meeting that I should be at a camp and not here in Lexington.  A camp is much more relaxed.  Lexington is pretty strict.  We can only move outside the unit building at certain times and there are guards stationed all around the complex during these timed movements.  Regardless, I will continue to keep using the gifts the Almighty has blessed me with till HE moves me.

Where HE wants me to go, I’ll go.  Where HE wants me to stay, I’ll stay.  I WILL FOLLOW THE ALMIGHTY!!!!

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