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6/26/21: Boring Book

A book I read which was sent to me I believe from my friend Justin Paperny is called How to Live or A Life of Montaigne by Sarah Bakewell.  I am unsure exactly who sent it because our great mail system here in prison does not tell you.

Regardless, the book discusses the life and writings of Michel Montaigne.  He was born in 1533, lived in France and traveled around writing about how to live.  He died in 1592.

Some of the things he discusses about how to live deal with: death, how to love, how to cope with loss, how to communicate best, why to keep a private office, how to be convivial, how to live temperately, do stuff nobody else is doing, work hard but not too hard, regret nothing, be important and let life be the answer to living well.

I got to say, out of all the books I have read in the past year, this was BY FAR the most boring book.  I would NOT recommend it to anyone.  It just dragged on for the 350 pages.  The author could have done a better job explaining Montaigne’s life and journey. 

The lessons of his life were good.  It shows we are in this world together and people during the 1500’s experienced similar things that we do today.  Such as government dissension, religion, and even homosexuality. 

Nonetheless, sorry I did not not like this book but I still felt compelled to at least read it since someone took the time and money to send it.

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