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6/28/21: Derek’s Questions

Hey guys since I am not sure if people can post questions or comments yet on the website, Derek has asked me to send the following questions to you guys.

If you have not been following my story here yet, in less than 3 weeks outside of quarantine I strongly feel I found my Nineveh.  Especially since Derek even admits it.  Derek is an inmate here as a sex offender.  He has a sex addiction.  It is an addiction that affects the brain much like a crack addiction does.

In an effort to support and encourage Derek can you please take a few minutes and email me back your answers, questions, and or comments of encouragement?


Do you think people can change?

Do you think people who have committed sex offenses committed them because they are the way they are or because of other circumstances?

How many people do you think struggle with sexual addiction?  In the church? Do you think you would know they were struggling?

Do you think I am a rare case of someone who wants to change his ways, especially from prison?

How you measure when someone like me has changed?  (Meaning like the opposite of who I was before)

This battle is tough, and I feel immensely blessed by Yahweh (God) to have David here to encourage me.  Yahweh’s (God’s) love abounds more in my life everyday, and his Torah directs me everyday.

Do you have any questions for me?


Thanks again guys for taking a few minutes to respond to this email for Derek.

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