Iron Sharpens

6/5/21: Iron Sharpens Iron

Being a person who is striving to seek the truth, trying to find his Nineveh, I was delighted that tonight was one of those momentous occasions where the Almighty intervened. 

One of the people I met yesterday is named Derek.  He approached me today with wanting to know about my faith and why I try to love God and love people.  He shared with me that he felt a strong nudge to ask.

Derek is also a seeker of the truth and wishing to grow more in obedience to the commands of the Almighty.  He leads a group of others here in prison that have the same desire.  There teacher recently was released from prison.  They are looking for another person to, at times, guide them in certain areas to further “sharpen their iron” as Proverbs 27:17 states. 

Could one of these people in the group or someone else in this prison need to hear from me or perhaps I need to hear from them?  Regardless, it definitely appears thta the Father is in control in helping me find my Nineveh. 

Are you earnestly wanting to have the Almighty intervene in a way only He can like I was?  Are you truly seeking to know the truth?  If so, I would like to encourage you to please write down what you are truly seeking for and ask the Almighty for some sort of sign to help let you know He is right there with you. 

Please stay tuned as this relationship develops and blossoms as I continue to finding my Nineveh.

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