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6/7/21: Plans Going Forward

My plans going forward in society are showing the love of God and love of people even more by, for lack of a better term, embracing the fact that I was incarcerated. 

This will open more doors with being able to witness to someone either about to be incarcerated, has been incarcerated, currently incarcerated, or even a group of at-risk people that need some encouragement.

In fact, there is a program near where I live called “Lincoln’s Challenge” which is a place for late teens and early twenties that are at risk for possible prison sentences either due to being in gangs, selling drugs, prior crimes, etc…  I feel this would be an excellent program for me to go to several times a month to meet and mentor these young people.

As I mentioned before, people feel much more comfortable speaking with a person they can relate to.  Embracing the fact I was incarcerated will hopefully propel me to bigger and better things to glorify the Almighty.

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