god reaching down

7/9/21: God Reaching Down

To know there truly is hope for people in prison for life is reassuring.  The Almighty uses people in all places.  Rich has done awful things and it almost took him dying for the Almighty to wake himThe other day I attended my first Bible study with Chaplain Highly and Chaplain Caldwell on Thursday at 2 PM.  It allows me to get out of work 1 hour early.  

During this meeting, a guy I met is Rich McGee.  During my encounter he told me he his a born again Christian.  He explained to me how he had open heart surgery and during this surgery he had an out of body experience.  He shared with me how he saw all of his bad deeds.  Really bad deeds.

He did not want to be that person anymore.  He told me how after the surgery, he prayed to God, “Sign me up, I do not want to live with this pain of sin I have done.”

Without going into detail of why he is here, lets just say he has been in prison since 1973 and is not to be released till 2033.  60 year sentence!!!!  He is in his 70’s right now.  

Rich shared with me how he realizes God has always been there for him, but Rich has ignored him until only a few years ago.  If you think your past actions are so bad that there is no hope for eternity in Heaven for you, think of Rich and how God reached down to him, and Rich responded by saying by “TAKE ME I AM YOURS.”

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