7/9/21: The Double Agents

The past few days during my down time, I read a book I grabbed at the library here called “The Double Agents” by W.E.B. Griffin and William Butterworth IV.

It is a historical fiction novel based during WWII.  I liked reading this book because I enjoy history and action.  Plus reading books like this is like watching a movie to me.  Especially since I do not watch much TV in the TV room.  (I am not shot caller)

The settings of this book go back and forth between Sicily, Washington DC, Algiers, and England.  The Allies in England were staying at this immaculate estate called the Whitbey House.  The rich family that owned it loaned it for the war.

Other highlights that I enjoyed reading in this book is how the Allies came together and discovered a body of one of the their soldiers who unfortunately did not have any family still alive.  So the Allies froze the soldier and utilized the body in a ruse to distract the Germans by taking the body and coming up with fake papers to take to Sicily to where the Germans would find the body on the beach with details about this so called “secret operation” to throw off the Germans.

I learned more about the intricacies of how government groups worked together to accomplish the same goals during WWII.  I also learned how some of the spying worked by them.  Such as how radio Morse code people worked together.

I am glad I read this book, but could see how some might not enjoy hearing about war stories and such.  It was still fun to basically watch the movie play in my head during my downtime.  It helps keep me out of trouble when back in my unit.

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