Trying to Improve Myself – Pt 1

Now that I have been in prison for 3 months, I thought I would write a short series of posts about a few things I have learned so far which have helped me improve myself even more.  Most people that know me, understand me to be a person who tries to always improve myself.  This discipline enables me to try to be positive as much as possible.

1.  The first thing I feel has improved is I have learned to appreciate my family and friends even more.  Not having the option to even see my family has made me realize I should cherish the time I do spend with them even more.  I was not bad at this aspect , but it could have been better.  I am really looking forward to being back home soon so I can walk my talk on this one.

2.  The next thing I have learned is to pray more sincerely.  The mental agony of not being around my family has caused me to pray more fervently while visualizing each person or thing I am praying for.  The process I follow is TACOS which I learned at a youth conference I took Asher to along with some of his friends.  I just never really implemented it with visualizing mentally.

T: Thanksgiving: meaning what am I thankful for and try to picture it in my head.

A: Adoration: meaning what do I adore about the Almighty and try to picture it in my head.

C: Confession: meaning confessing my sins

O: Others: When I pray for others, I am mentally picturing the person in my head.

S: Self: What I am requesting of the Almighty about myself and try to mentally picture it in my head.

There have been times I have been on my hands and knees in such fervent prayer.  I did not do this at all before surrendering.

3.  The next thing I have improved on is not being afraid to ask for prayer.  Before surrendering, I was usually a person that would not seek prayers from others.  Now I have humbled myself even more and do not feel ashamed in requesting prayer.

4.  Another thing I have improved on is being even more patient.  I do not sweat the small stuff nearly as much.  Again, I was not bad at this, but being in prison has great improved this aspect.  A lot of the guards here like to treat us inmates like scum of the Earth instead of a person.  Therefore, whenever the guards get on their high horse about something, just do not let it bother you.  Obey whatever request it is and move on.  For example, the other day the guard told every one to tuck in their shirt when in his presence even though it was the weekend and we were not required to.  I just did it and moved on.

In addition to this, several inmates here can be very prideful still.  So whenever I am around them, I simply act courteous and just get out of their way and move on.  If they want to cut in line or take up the whole hallway, just let them and move on. 

Hopefully reading just these 4 things has given you an idea on the types of things I am trying to improve on about myself.  Next time I will write about a few more.

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