A Great Friend in Ryan

Today I thought I would write about my good friend Ryan.  I have written about him before.  Despite his small quirks like just singing a song that comes into his head like Gilligan’s Island or some other show like Green Acres, I have come to appreciate his friendship and positive attitude here.

Many other inmates can be extremely negative which just brings one down.  Also some inmates like to break the rules which can get you in serious trouble.  Ryan is definitely not like that.  One thing I value in Ryan’s friendship is his sincere willingness to pray for my family and I.  Very few people actually are sincere when it comes to this.  In addition, Ryan has prayed for me to get home soon so the already close relationship I have with Georgia and the boys will propel even more to new heights.  (There were Ryan’s exact words)

Ryan and I also go to a weekly Bible Study together led by the Chaplain.  If he does not understand everything, I try to explain it to him afterwards. 

Even though prison sucks, it is great to have friends like Ryan around to help get us through the days.  I sincerely hope Ryan gets out soon to live with his sister in Iowa.

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