Agent In Place

In the midst of the chaos of the Delta variant running rampant through our nation and here in prison, I try to social distance myself as much as possible and just read.  This also helps me pass the time and avoid thinking about all the silly ways this prison tries to do things just to be in compliance such as performing breathalyzer tests on inmates going to work in the morning so they do not have to worry about actually busting the people drinking at night.  Hence this allows them to avoid doing paperwork.

The most recent novel I read is called “Agent In Place” by Mark Greaney.  This is a Gray Man novel.  The novel is about a CIA agent named Court Gentry who was originally hired to go to Paris, France to kidnap the mistress of the Syrian President in hopes of stopping the war.  This mistress gave birth to a son who would be the only heir to the Syrian throne.  The child was still in Syria so the main character, Court Gentry, goes on another mission after really rescuing the mistress in Paris so he can get the boy to safety with his mom. 

In doing this, one thing led to another and Court Gentry got himself in a position to not only rescue the child, but take out the Syrian President and end the war and turmoil in the lives of the mistress and her son so they can live in peace and safety.  Court Gentry was successful in his mission in this action packed book which allowed me to use my mind to feel like I am not in prison.  I am thankful I have books like this around to help me pass time.  I did not learn much, but it was exciting and much better than just sitting around watching tv with 100 other guys.  I was told this author has written other books about this character and even heard Netflix is doing a series based off the Gray Man.  Hopefully I get out soon and can watch an episode of it.

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