Are You In The Right Place?

As one goes through life, without a doubt one will face trials and tribulations.  As one navigates through those difficult times, one will wonder if they are truly where they should be.

As you know, before I started this journey, I asked the Father 2 questions.  1.  Who do I need to help or speak to?  2.  What else do I need to learn?

It appears the answer to the first question is Derek as well as Ryan and Dr. Jobalia.  The answer to the second question is I need to learn how to help people like Derek. 

Amazingly since I have surrendered to following whatever the Lord will have me do, I can KNOW that I am right where I need to be.  My mind tells me to try to get switched to a camp closer to home at WHATEVER cost.  My heart says let the Lord decide if that is the right direction.

If one chooses to ALWAYS try to be in full alignment with the Almighty, then that person should have FULL confidence that they are right where they need to be to glorify HIM the most.  So the Lord will place the actions that we need to take in front of us.  Staying in awareness of that, we will choose to act upon it as it comes.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we KNOW

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