Blog Book report: Satori

Today I finished reading a 500 page action book called “Satori” by Don Winslow.  I got it at the prison library.  I decided to read it because the cover said it is like a James Bond and Jason Bourne type of action.  I enjoy watching those type of free stream movies online.  I was able to finish it rather quickly because today we could not leave the unit all morning till lunch since the guards were “shaking down” another unit.  Shaking down at prison means guards go into the inmates rooms and remove anything that does not belong. 

This book Satori did not disappoint.  The main character is Hel Nicholi.  He was recruited by the US to be a spy who had some seriously awesome close combat skills.  The settings were also great.  From China to France to the Philippines. 

Hel Nicholi kicked some serious butt against several militant groups.  His training by his mentor, Kishikawa said, “When one is prepared to die, that is settled.  There is then only the action to consider.  Think then only of success, because failure will take care of itself. 

There is also the typical Bond love story where she (Solange) helped Hel train to be a better spy.  I am glad I read this because it allows me to escape the mental aspect of being in prison.  Especially when I long to be home with my wife and kids. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good Bond move and is looking to pass time in a fun way as opposed to sitting around looking at the wall in prison.

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