6/14/21: Searching for Truth

The other day I feel I was another step closer to finding my nineveh.  Being here at a prison of approximately 1200 inmates, one can

6/13/21: Keeping it Real, III

As I get more and more adjusted to living in prison, it is only prudent to do more Keeping It Real In Prison.  Hopefully you

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6/10/21: What are my 6-F’s?

Many people ask me where I came up with the 6 F’s value system.  Before I went off to college, like most kids, I wanted

6/8/21: Lemons into Lemonade

The other day I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with two former drug kingpins.  I know that sounds strange to say “I was

6/7/21: Plans Going Forward

My plans going forward in society are showing the love of God and love of people even more by, for lack of a better term,

6/6/21: Who Among us is Without Sin?

Being in what is called an Administrative Facility Prison, all types of felons are housed here in Lexington.  One particular type of felons housed here

6/5/21: Iron Sharpens Iron

Being a person who is striving to seek the truth, trying to find his Nineveh, I was delighted that tonight was one of those momentous