Did Yeshua (Jesus) Really Rise part 3.

Below is part 3 of Did Yeshua (Jesus) Really Rise.  I will discuss 2 other explanations skeptics typically use and the concerns with those explanations.  Hopefully you enjoy.  _______________________________________________________________________________  D.  The Disciples Were Fooled By An Imposter  Some nonbelievers have argued that an imposter tricked the disciples and convinced them that Jesus was still alive;

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risen 2

Did Yeshua (Jesus) Really Rise part 2.

Below is part 2 of explanations of what happened to Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth.  Hopefully you enjoy reading it.  ____________________________________________________________________________________  B.  The disciples lied about the resurrection  While this explanation accounts for the empty tomb and the resurrection observations, it fails to account for the transformed lives of the apostles.  This would require a conspiracy

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Tears of Joy

Today I was finally told my release date of December 29th to home confinement under the Cares Act.  The waiting has been absolutely agonizing.  I am literally filled with tears of joy!!!!  Words cannot describe the joy of finally seeing the end of this part of my journey.  I am looking forward to spring boarding

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