Companion For Life

Since today is August 12, 2021, it marks Georgia’s and I monthly anniversary.  We have been married 17 years and 2 months.  As previously mentioned last month on July 12th, I give her a poem on the 12th of each month.  So in an effort to be transparent, please enjoy the poem for Georgia.

Companion For Life

Every day with you love, is like the first day

Fresh as a summer breeze and a cooling rain

I breathe in your warmth and bask in your glow

The deepest affection I’ve come to know

With you by my side a companion for life

Though toils and troubles and perils and strife

We serve our dear Father and as one we unite

Though sometimes this world can be darker than night

As for you, I grow fonder with deeper respect

I pray I don’t ever your heart to neglect

It’s trying my soul this time we’re apart

With you in my corner, I’ll never lose heart

As this day comes to pass and the night draws near

I think of the one I hold so dear

Soon my loving wife, that I adore

To you I’ll return and leave never more


Thank you for being married to me for 17 years and 2 months.  I am looking forward to many more joyous times with you.


Your Davey

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