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Finding Peace While in Prison

As you saw, I titled this short post “Finding Peace While in Prison.”  Without a doubt, this can be extremely tough.  I continuously strive to be at peace while here in prison. 

The number one way I find peace is by prayer.  I find myself feeling down longing to be home with my wife and kids.  When this happens, which is often, I pray for peace of mind.  Doing this at Bible studies helps too.

Another thing I do is write out and read my goals.  This helps me stay focused on getting out and what I will do once out of prison.  This creates positive emotions in my mind.

One way I felt at peace before surrendering to prison was by getting up early and hearing the birds.  Therefore, I will get up early and stand outside in the unit courtyard listening to mother nature while I stretch.  Nobody else is usually around out there.  Instead they sit inside watching the news.

The 4th way I find peace is by reading a book that is immersive to me so I feel like I am not locked up.

The last way I find peace is focus on positive things instead of negative things.  I usually do this by looking at photos of my family. 

So many people here have negative emotions and they will cause others to be negative too.  It is not easy to constantly be at peace here, but it is sure worth trying your hardest.

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