God Winks

Each day that goes by is one day closer that I will be free to go home to my family.  Words cannot express how deeply I miss them.  Even though I am reminded everyday I wake up that I am in prison by having to walk through metal detectors and wear government issued uniforms and such, the Almighty still allows me to experience HIS presence.  My friend Shawn Watkins and I call these experiences “God Winks”.

A recent God Wink occurred the other day while our small group was having our daily Bible study at 4:30 out in our unit’s (dormitory) small courtyard.  A Muslim came over to the table and asked us a few questions about what is in the Bible.  Each of us in our group found a few verses in the Old and New Testament and shared them with the Muslim.  This allowed us to show the love of God and people in hopes it will open up future doors of communication.  He thanked us and we said anytime you have questions feel free to ask us.  A very cool God Wink.

Another God Wink occurred to me at work.  A new coworker was assigned to sit next to me.  He follows the religion of Buddhism.  We have gotten to know each other more and more each day.  I help him out when he has work questions and just try to be his friend without judging him in any way.  This has opened doors for other questions he asks me about my religion.  There God is again winking at me.

A final God Wink I’d like to mention is HIS hedge of protection around me.  More and more inmates have been arriving here at the prison.  The room I am in has 6 beds.  When I first  entered the room, there were only 2 inmates besides myself.  Now there are total of 6 in the room including myself.  Each new person is quiet, clean, and for the most part nice to everyone.  The halls of this unit get REALLY REALLY loud by many of the other inmates.  Fights breakout almost daily here.  So not only has the Almighty put HIS hedge of protection around me with safe bunkmates, but HE has also miraculously kept me safe from any viruses.  The Father is definitely hearing all the prayers you guys are saying for me to remain safe and healthy despite my weight still down.  Please continue with the prayers so God keeps winking at me reminding me daily that HE is still here with me while I am in the belly of the beast.

Hopefully these few examples of God Winks also makes you realize that the Almighty is still at work.

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