Healing By Doing Bible Word Studies

Today I thought I would write about a fantastic way a sex offender has helped himself not only heal, but prosper.

This person’s name is Ron.  He comes to the Conquer Series class I also go to as Derek’s accountability partner.  Ron has been in prison for 10 years and has another 7 years to go.  He has repented of his crimes.

Ron shared with me that a great way he has helped himself heal is by doing deep Bible word studies.  He has a fairly easy job here at prison where he can spend his time reading and writing.  So he would pick out certain words in the Bible such as: surrender, grace, mercy, love, peace, etc…

Ron would also use an interlinear Bible study book to understand the root meaning of each word in its original language.  He then would take into account the context of each time the word was used in the Bible.  Finally he would write up a fully detailed research paper about his findings.  Truly remarkable!!!!

This exercise of his not only has helped keep his mind occupied on higher things, but also allows him to have a much better understanding of what the Almighty wants him to learn, understand and implement in his daily walk.  He shared with me how he has literal stacks of papers he has written that would probably fill several volumes of books.

Ron’s actions has shown me there truly is hope for people that want to heal and want to learn to live more for the Almighty.  Ron’s way of prospering can be done by anyone inside or outside of prison.  If you are wanting a better idea of how the Father wants you to walk out your faith, try doing Bible word studies like Ron.

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