“Killing Floor”

Today I finished a 500 page novel as I continue my efforts to try to social distance as much as possible.  The book is called “Killing Floor” by Lee Child.  It is the author’s first Jack Reacher novel.

Jack Reacher is the main character who went to West Point and was a military policeman who was trained to do whatever needs to be done.  I decided to read this book because a few other inmates said if I like action and adventure I should read Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child.

I got to be honest, the action was not as much as was boasted about.  It was more detective work and drama than action.  It was not awful, but compared to other books I have read, I can honestly say this will be my last book by Lee Child.

The plot of this book starts with Reacher just passing through this small town off the beaten path from Atlanta.  This little town is called Margrave.  In less than 1 hour of Reacher being there he is arrested for murder.  He knows he did not do it.  As he goes about proving his innocence he starts to uncover a massive counterfeit money scheme where the mayor, the police chief and others were in on. 

As the plot thickens, more carnage ensues until at last Jack Reacher saves the day and all the innocent people involved get saved as well.  He then realizes he cannot stay since it is not his style so he gets a bus ticket and leaves until the next book.

Like I mentioned before, I was not a fan but I am glad I read it to help pass the time.

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