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5/18/21: Wasting Time

Guilty….Of Wasting So Much Time

Well, I finally made it. I got spit out from the belly of the fish. Not sure if it is the best way to say I am in prison, but I am going with it.

Have you ever thought if you had one more day to live what you would do?

Yesterday was like that for me. It was like a whirlwind of realizing what TRULY is important to you. I got up early to make sure I was prepared for today.

Then, I had phone calls with my consultants.

Next, I played football in the rain with Asher and Miles. Asher loves football. We then played baseball in the rain. Miles loves baseball. It was fantastic. I would play with them every day after school.

Being a dedicated father is a big priority to me. Georgia then made us a quick lunch. I did some other phone calls. Then, played basketball with Asher and Georgia. Most people play PIG. We play ABE because one of Asher’s best friends is named Abe. Asher has beaten me the last three times. I finally won this game.

Perhaps Asher lost on purpose. Miles fell asleep because of all of the running. I went inside to see if he was up and wanted to play catch. Naturally he said yes. We all played catch. Even Georgia enjoys playing catch. It was magical.

We next played some more basketball before I had to finish up preparations for today. I wanted to make sure that I hit the ground running. I want to get back to my family.

After, Georgia made a fantastic dinner. We had steak. We did dishes but I kept getting interrupted with phone calls.

This could be my last day to see my kids for months. This could be my last day to see my beautiful wife for months. I guess this is my point. There is so much time wasted on much less important matters. I knew this was my last full day, so I wanted to do what was important to me. Be with my family.

What is important to you? If you had one full day to live what would you do? Is it the same as what you SHOULD DO? If not, what do you need to do TODAY to make those changes in your life so what you would do is the same as what you should do? I’d encourage you to write a list of your values such as Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, and Fun.

If you know that your time is limited in some way, such as about to be imprisoned, please do what you SHOULD DO, based on your values. Turn off the phone, turn off the TV. Read your Bible, be with your family, fully engaged in what they are doing (not on your phone while with them). We are all guilty of wasting so much time.

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