mission critical

Mission Critical

Today September 8 started out as a normal day for work, but apparently the prison had plans to lock it down since they had to do something with the electric along the fences.  Therefore, they told no inmates about this till this morning.  They do not tell any inmates so nobody got any ideas about planning an escape.  So starting at 8 AM every 2 hours they did an inmate count in the units as opposed to doing just one count at 4 and then at 9.  Therefore, I read a 500 page novel called Mission Critical by Mike Greaney.  This allowed me to social distance myself as much as possible, though still very hard in a dorm room with other bunk mates.  The book’s main character is Court Gentry who is CIA a special asset.

Court Gentry starts off on his way back to the US on a private jet the CIA got him on with other CIA agents, only to find himself in the middle of a gun fight between another CIA agent and Russians.  The fight was over a hostage this other CIA agent brought on the flight.  The book goes on with Court Gentry determined to find out why this all happened and to stop the evil plan.

The author has the main character endure all sorts of gun fights, hand fights, and stakeouts only to discover the bad guy is a Russian who staged his death 14 years ago so he could get himself a new identity as a wealthy British citizen.  This way he could he get revenge on the British and US for killing his wife.  His wife was also a Russian loyalist who trained Russians to speak a perfect British accent so they can go unnoticed while being a sleeper agent for Russian in Britain.

I am glad I read this book since it helps pass the time and allows me to basically feel like I am not in prison.

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