Monthly Poem: Shelter.

Since I am getting released to home confinement on Dec 29th, I am glad this will be the last time I will be writing the monthly poem to Georgia while I am physically away from her.  Hopefully you have enjoyed the poems written these past 7 months and hopefully you can see that I take my marriage very seriously and love Georgia beyond any words one could possibly describe. 

Like the last few months, my good friend Shane helped me with this. 



I take shelter in your arms 

And find comfort in your charms 

Like a haven from the storm 

Your love keeps me safe and keeps me warm 

When my world starts to tilt 

And I’m swallowed up in guilt 

Just one look into your eyes 

Brings back my focus to the prize 

Though times be tough and times be trying 

And on your shoulders I start crying 

Your warmth evaporates my tears 

And keeps me steady through the years 

In times when this world tears asunder 

My hopes, my dreams, my sense of wonder 

Your simple smile lifts the burden 

Once again our futures certain 


Thank you for being married to me for 17 years and 6 months.  I am looking forward to finally being home and holding you in each my arms. 


Your Davey 

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