Monthly Poem to Georgia: More Than I Deserve

Today is the 12th of the month and that means it is time for the monthly poem written to the love of my life, Georgia.  My good friend here, Shane, helped me with this one.


More Than I Deserve

As a flower full in bloom

You light up my life and any room

Every day my world you color

As even more love I discover

The gifts you give, beyond compare

Each moment that we share

Without a word you life my spirits

By your side, this world, I’ll never fear it

Time takes hold and we’ll grow old

Be it summer’s heat or winter’s cold

We’re stronger than the winds that blow

With you my life has been made whole

From a distant do I gaze

At your beauty I’m amazed

From my heart I say these words

You are more than I deserve


Thank you for being married to me for 17 years and 5 months.  I am looking forward to many more.


Your Davey

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