Today I’d like to share with you about an aspiring person I have gotten to know.  People here call him Mouse.  I am not exactly sure why to be honest.  He has been incarcerated for 21 years so far.  He has another year to serve.  He is about my age.  Prior to being incarcerated he was living his life however he felt with no concern for others. 

Once locked up in a prison where you only can get out of your cell for 1 hour a day, he started reading the Bible.  He was so enamored by it, he sought out to take Bible correspondence courses through the chapel.  Once he got moved to another prison where he could be out of his cell for more than 1 hour, he started holding a Bible study with other inmates.  He had at one time over 35 inmates attending his Bible study.

Eventually he had to go to a different prison during COVID.  Then about 6 to 7 weeks ago he came back to this prison.  While he is not wanting to lead a Bible study now, he has been designing something that has Bible lessons programmed on a lightweight waterproof speaker that can be deployed in large volumes to areas of the world that have not heard the gospel message.  This device would play the recordings in their own respective language. 

Mouse is literally a totally changed person from where he originally came from.  His passion for living out his life as an example for others to see is evidence of this and is inspiring to see.  Hopefully when he gets out, we will hear how people from areas of the world that have no access to the Bible will miraculously hear it in their own language.

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