My Great Friend Neil (Perhaps a Nineveh of Mine)

Today I decided to write about a great friend of mine I have met here.  His name is Dr. Neil Jobalia.  Many of your have also gotten to know him by a few of his blog posts he wrote.  He is an extremely smart person and a great writer.  So much so, he recently got down writing his own Compassionate Release motion to the courts.

This motion to the court, if approved, would get him to go to home confinement immediately.  Like me, Neil has health issues that severely put him at risk if he got Covid.  I am waiting to hear back about my compassionate release motion soon.  I turned mine in at the end of July.  Hopefully I will know my response from the judge in 2 weeks or so.  Neil hopefully will hear his response in 4 weeks or so.

The Almighty has used me as a vessel to help get Neil a job in the same small group at Unicor, so besides living in the same unit as him, I see him at work everyday too.  We even walk around the track every Saturday and Sunday morning at outdoor rec.  I try to remind him that this waiting period from the courts stinks since we both desperately want to be on home confinement.  I also remind him everyday that I am praying for him multiple times a day.  He always tells me he appreciates the prayers.  I am specifically praying for him to get compassionate release and for him to see the truth of Yeshua (Jesus) as the messiah.  I try to always make sure I am walking my talk so the Almighty will use me as a vessel for Neil.

So to all of my readers and to Neil’s friends and family who follow this blog, feel free to join in prayer for Neil and myself to be granted compassionate release.  At the same time, pray that the Father uses me in whatever ways HE sees fit to be an example to Neil so he sees the truth of the Messiah.  Perhaps Neil is one of my Nineveh’s.  Perhaps the Almighty had in store for us to meet in order for us to go onto the next part of this journey called life.

Whatever the Almighty has in store for us, I will continue to praise HIM regardless of the circumstances.  Neil has also said he will praise God regardless of what happens.  Who knows, perhaps if he gets approved for compassionate release, it will be the point he truly sees the truth about Yeshua (Jesus)

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