Neighborhood Hope Dealer

Before I surrendered to prison I enjoyed listening to a song called Neighborhood HOPE Dealer.  I would play it for the junior high and high school kids I would teach at church.  I enjoyed trying to be the neighborhood hope dealer to as many people as possible whether it be while I was playing at the local park with my kids or helping a family rent to own a property from the company I worked for owned.

While here in prison, I have still tried to exemplify being the neighborhood hope dealer.  I’d like to share two recent examples of where I have tried to exemplify this.  The first person is named Gains.  He literally is in prison because he WAS the neighborhood dope dealer.  He works in the same office area I do.  His computer skill set is not the greatest, so myself as well as a few of us have sat down with him to teach him certain skills that would help improve his computer skills.  In addition, he has also given his life to Jesus and says that coming to prison has saved his life.  If God did not intervene in his life, he would most likely be dead from a meth overdose.

Another person is named Post.  He is also in prison for being a neighborhood dope dealer.  He works in the office downstairs from my job area.  He has done construction all his life and once out he desires to use his mind instead of his muscles especially since he is getting older.  Since his computer skills are not the greatest either, Post will come up to my area and sit next to me and try to learn more computer skills such as using Word or Excel.  Because of his desire to improve, many others like myself have encouraged him to get a college degree while in prison since he has another 5 years left on his sentence.  Therefore, he discussed things with the education department and is starting remote college courses next month. 

Even though my circumstance of being in prison is awful, I still try to be a neighborhood HOPE dealer so others can see how I try to walk out my faith.  If you are in a position to share hope to people, I would like to encourage you to be the Neighborhood HOPE dealer.

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