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Pure: Monthly Poem to Georgia

Since today is September 12, it is Georgia’s and I monthly anniversary date.  We have been married 17 years and 3 months.  If you recall, I give her a poem every month on the 12th.  Here is the poem for her called Pure.


Sparkling as a mountain stream

A spring-fed lake with water clean

Clear as a bell that starts to ring

Your love is pure in everything

Falling snow on a winters night

The evening star a guiding light

A lighthouse beam that steers me right

A love so pure and so bright

A blossom in the springtime breeze

Autumn’s colored vibrant leaves

A forest filled with age-old trees

Your love is pure my heart it frees

Timeless as a kind word spoke

A summer day filled with hope

A circle that cannot be broke

Your love is pure, my soul is woke


Thank you for being married to me 17 years and 3 months


Your Davey

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