Soft Selling In a Hard World

Today I finished reading another book my favorite mother-in-law, Mitzie, purchased for me.  The title is “Soft Selling In a Hard World” by Jerry Voss.

I asked Mitzie to buy this for me because my friend Shawn recommended it to me.  If I could learn one or two things, it would be great.  It discussed things in a logical way that highlighted techniques I already know about.  Most of it was about using plain talk when performing the art of persuasion for sales.

Some good ways it mentioned how to ask for the order or sale are:

“What do we have to do first?”


“How would you like the contract the read?”

Most sales people do not know these mechanics of asking for the order because they are afraid they might offend the buyer. 

Another good tidbit that is helpful is encouraging the salesperson to write out a 90 second close.  It should be 30 words or so.  It should state the buyers problem or need first.  Then state your solution or fulfillment of that need.  It works best if the benefit is a compelling reason to buy.

The book also encourages the reader to always try to improve.  Find out where you went wrong when you did not get the sale and try to fix it for next time. 

I am glad I read this because I feel my boys Asher and Miles could use it as a guide to help them communicate better in life when they are trying to persuade someone to buy something from them such as one of their cows.

Our family owns cows we get the boys involved in as many aspects of the business as possible.  This book would help with this endeavor.

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