“The Bootlegger” by Clive Cussler

Today I finished another 400 page novel.  It is amazing how much I read these days in my effort to social distance as best as I possibly can.  The book I read is called “The Bootlegger” Clive Cussler.

At first I thought this book was a bit boring because I prefer action.  However as things progressed it definitely did not disappoint.  The story is set in 1919 during the Prohibition era.  It entails how tons of bootleggers would bring alcohol into the United States illegally since it was made illegal around this time period.  Then the book discussed how Russians implemented a plan using boats and trains to take over the bootleggers in the US to fund their evil plan to destroy the United States.

The main character, Isaac Bell, who is a detective eventually uncovers the evil scheme.  The author brings the story to cities such as: Detroit, New York City, Miami, and even Nassau.  As one can imagine, Isaac saves the day by stopping the Russians from destroying New York City and Wallstreet.  They were trying to steer a big tanker loaded with bombs into the harbor. 

I am glad I read this because it helped pass time, had action, and I actually learned a bit of inside history how people tried to make quick money by sneaking alcohol into the US when it was made illegal during this time period.

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