The Closers Part 1 book

In my efforts to do social distancing in prison, I finished another book today called “The Closers Part 1” by Ben Gay III.  My friend Shawn recommended this book to me.  Shawn’s previous career was in real estate so I asked Shawn what books he thought I should read.  Therefore I had my favorite mother in law, Mitzie, buy this book for me.

The book is a self help book on how to be a master closer in sales.  It definitely did not disappoint.  It is not a beginners guide to sales, it’s a closers Bible.  If a person implemented just a few of the tips and tricks written, the closer could close at least 30% to 40% more. 

It starts out explaining the types of closers, then the closers attitude and how to maintain a positive attitude.  Next, it got into the meat of the book which is understanding the customer, customers attitudes, how to present, when to close, how to close effectively depending on the type of customer, and lastly how to handle customers objections.

I can definitely say I did not know everything presented in this book.  I learned some new communication tips that I might be able to implement in the future.  I also enjoyed how the writer made it a point at the end to put God first, customers second, and yourself last.  This resonated with me because I try to hold a very similar attitude.  I call it the JOY approach.  Jesus first, Others second, You last meaning myself. 

I am thankful for this and thankful my mother in-law purchased it for me.  I was amazed that the author actually signed my book and dated it for me so I know for sure it was him.

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