The Power of Now

Today I finished reading a self help book my good friend on the outside, Scott, told me to read.  The book is called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

The author points out that the mind is a powerful instrument if used correctly.  If one uses it wrongly, it becomes very destructive.  Most normal people have continuous inner dialogues which most people do not know how to stop.

The author gives many great suggestions in order to stop this inner dialogue.  This will allow the reader to go from an unconsciousness state of thinking to a consciousness state of thinking.  It allows the person to be in the NOW!

Being in the NOW allows us to give our fullest attention to whatever the moment presents.  Most people go in and out of the NOW thinking.  Realizing one does this is a great success as most do not even realize it.  Being in prison, I can definitely relate to this.  I find my true peace when I am not dwelling on my negative circumstances, but instead focus on what I am doing.  Such as helping people, working out, playing a sport, etc…  When I am NOT fully engaged to what I am doing, I unfortunately find myself sighing feeling sorry not only for myself, but my family.  Words cannot describe how deeply I miss them. 

I am glad I read this book as it reminded me to keep trying to show the love of God and people to others.  This reminder allows me to be fully focused on my mission.  If I do get off track mentally, I tell myself to stop and get back on track. 

Anyone having trouble being positive despite their circumstances should read this book.  It would hopefully give them the tools to counteract the negative thoughts.

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