The Simple Things Help Out the Most

I must admit I have been struggling to remain positive and find inspiring things to write about.  Most of it stems from being homesick.  Other reasons are the temps in the dorms with no air conditioning, cutting back on coffee, lack of freedoms, and delays in paperwork filings I am having people help me with in hopes I can get compassionate release. 

In the midst of this, I felt the Almighty nudge me to speak with an inmate named Rich.  He comes across as a negative person who likes to complain a lot and blame others for his circumstances.  He usually does not have many people to talk to because of this.  However, today I just asked him a few questions to get him talking and then asked him if there is anything I can do to help him.  His answer was a very simple response, “Just talk to me.”

Some inmates here just long for human interaction like Rich.  Whenever Rich got negative I just asked him a question to change the topic.  This just made his day.  Sometimes the simple things help out the most. 

Amazingly, later on after speaking with Rich, my good friend Jeff asked me where I get the patience to speak with people like Rich.  I told him the Almighty gives me the ability.  This discussion with Jeff helped me stay positive so others can see how I walk out my faith.

If you are questioning yourself if walking out your faith so others can see you even when you are not aware matters, remember the simple things help out the most.

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