The Taking

Today I finished reading a novel Shawn recommended to me called “The Taking” by Dean Koontz.  Shawn said I would like it due to the it having religious undertones in it.

The book is a thriller about a young married couple that wakes up to a massive rainstorm that encompasses the whole world.  Besides this, other strange things happened throughout such as low dense fog, reflections in mirrors not really there,  weird looking fungus growing on everything, and even faceless people.

Definitely not a book for people who dislike scary things.  As time went on throughout this scary day, people started disappearing except for the kids.  The young couple felt compelled to go around their small town and rescue the kids.  Another interesting thing that occurred is the dogs survived and were supernatural guides to help find where the children were.

Once all the children were located, they back to the center of town and discovered several other couples also rescued children with the help of the dogs.  These people all packed up and went West to discover other couples did the same thing all over the world. 

The ending of this book brought up the fact that God destroyed all living beings in Noah’s time except for his family because of all the sinful murderous ways in the world.  Therefore, God did the same thing now so Earth could be purified. 

While this book helped me pass the time and social distance, it was not one of my favorites.  It was slow moving till the end.  Nonetheless, still interesting to read another’s perspective on how the world is made anew.

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