Visions of Costa Rica

Yesterday evening, as a way to pass time and still try to social distance, I hung out in my dorm room with one of my bunkmates also named Dave.  He is an older gentleman here on money laundering charges.  He admits his guilt and feels really sorry for me and my family.

He is getting to leave here in about 2 months under the CARES ACT.  He likes to talk about the great life he had in Costa Rica.  Dave loves to fish.  He shared with me in great detail many of his excursions in his yacht.  He liked to cruise around many of the islands and take in the beauty of the water and land.  He liked to bring along his girlfriend and few other couples and make a day or weekend out of it.  Then always cook up a nice dinner.  The way he described things, his boat was amazing.  Gourmet kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, huge bar area, sunbathing deck, etc…

It was great to listen to his stories in such detail that he made it sound like I was there as well.  This definitely allows one to not feel like they are in prison when they put their mind to use.  It made me want to go visit Costa Rica once out.  Hanging out talking to him reminded me that we should use our minds to think of the many positive things we want to do once out.  I personally am looking forward to hanging out with my family on the farm.

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