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5/19/21: Can’t Do in Heaven

One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven

This is my second day in isolation. I must spend at least 14 days in this locked cell alone with no access to phone or email. The only way to communicate with the outside world is by snail mail. Therefore, I’m mailing my writings to my gorgeous wife, Georgia.

While most people might succumb to the isolation and do nothing, I am on a mission to Finding My Ninevah. I must press on because maybe the person reading this right now, yeah you, needs it.

So today I barely slept due to how cold the room is and just being in a different uncomfortable place. I got up at first glimpse of the sunshine. It was probably 5 am. I am not sure because there are no clocks anywhere. I took a quick shower and did some push-ups, planks, and burpees. Next, I was able to pick out one book last night. They brought some around on a cart. I grabbed a book by Mark Cahill titled:

  • “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven.”

I picked it because he is known as being a person that is not afraid to ask people questions about their eternal security. Some would call him a street evangelist of sorts. I figured since I am in prison and will hopefully be able to show others how to Love God and Love People, maybe I can glean a few things. I know I have been teaching ministry for over 20 years, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn a few things.

Some of you might ask “Dave, you are in prison…why bother still loving The Creator of the World?” My answer for you is Yeshua (Jesus) was perfect, loved everyone perfectly, and still got nailed to a cross! If you are about to have to pay consequences or are currently paying consequences for something that you did or did not do, I would like to encourage you to figure out something positive that you can do despite the circumstances. As Mark Cahill wrote, “Do things that have eternal value.”

In this book, Cahill mentioned something along the lines of what I wrote about yesterday. Cahill has a motto: If it doesn’t matter on the day you die, it doesn’t matter. Will it matter on the day you die if you made one million dollars? NO. How about if you prayed to God more than you watched TV? Will it matter if you shared God’s love to your kids more than reading the news or playing one more game? YES!! Again, do things that have eternal value.

This book reminded me of many things I already knew, such as focusing on others more than ourselves especially when it comes to the journey into eternity. Another thing he reminded me of was when starting a conversation, be interested in them first then once a rapport is built, ask the tougher and more direct questions. I am glad that I read this book because it encouraged me to be more bold for my beliefs.

If you are wanting to make a change in your life so the things you do today would also matter on the day you die, I’d like to encourage you to write down just one thing you can change today. Once you master that change, write down another one. Master that one and write more down, one at a time. The point is to keep trying to improve. Nobody is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with trying.

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