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5/23/21: Be Like Mike

Be Like Mike

I am still in quarantine which definitely sucks. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn and grow more today. I read another book by Michael Santos called “Straight A Guide.”

Michael gives the reader ten specific steps to prepare for success from jail or prison. This book takes the previous books that I read of his and spills the beans on the exact process that he used to accomplish what he did.

We share the same goals of knowing your values, writing out specific goals, and taking action, just to name a few. This book could not only help someone in jail or prison but really anyone in life. What I also like is that he uses specific examples to not only tell you the steps, but to show you how to implement the steps. He does it in a clear and concise way. For example, when showing how to take action, he shares the exact action steps that he did. He read about Socrates, read about leaders, thought about his avators. Avators would want him to get educated, contribute to society, and build a support network.

If you are a person wanting some concrete steps to do in order to succeed in whatever place in life that you are in, this book is for you.

Can you define success with your values and set goals to show you are committed to the success of those values? Can you have the right attitude? Can you have the right aspirations to help visualize success? Can you do incremental action steps and be held accountable? Can you be aware of opportunities to seize? Then, be authentic? Can you celebrate every achievement, no matter how small? And, lastly, can you show appreciation for the blessings you have received?

If you think that you can answer YES to those questions and earnestly want to improve yourself, this book is for you. So, BE LIKE MIKE.

This book reminds me of a saying that I would like to close this post with- It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.

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