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6/10/21: What are my 6-F’s?

Many people ask me where I came up with the 6 F’s value system. 

Before I went off to college, like most kids, I wanted to make tons of money.  As I matured more, I became less materialistic in nature but still really did not have a sound way of making decisions in my life. 

In my second year of college, a guest speaker visited our Communications class. His name was Mike Watkins.  Mike owned the largest real estate broker office in Indianapolis at the time.

Mike explained to us that we should operate our lives on a set of principles/values that are important to us.  He shared with us the 6 F’s in no particular order.  He said that the order was up to us to determine. 

After listening to Mike, I decided on my order.

  1. First, I would list FAITH. Without faith in a greater power we really having nothing.
  2. Without FAMILY we have no solid support to fall back on during hard times.
  3. Without FRIENDS we would also have no solid support to fall back on during hard times. 
  4. Without FITNESS we would not have our health. 
  5. Without FINANCE we would not be able to support ourselves. 
  6. Lastly, without FUN we would not be able to enjoy ourselves once we have our other values in alignment.

Living in accordance with these values is the vehicle I use to bring fulfillment to me as a clear way to determine if I am walking my talk.

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