divide and conquer

6/27/21: Conquering the Battle

This past Friday Derek and I met for an extended time in Chapel since that is when we try to keep the start of the Sabbath. 

We have been going through this video and book series called “Conquer”.  He did not have anyone he could count on here in prison to keep the discussions about the topics covered in the series confidential.  That is where I come in.  Derek is my Nineveh as he has admitted.  What a privilege to be a vessel for the Almighty so Derek can heal his brain.

The series is geared toward people that have a sexual addiction problem.  Unfortunately that is why Derek is in prison.  Going through this series so far, I have discovered people like Derek are so addicted that, according MRI tests, their brains look like a brain of a crack addict.  I had no idea people like Derek can NOT just stop cold turkey.  Derek needs to heal his brain.  Programs in prison do NOT heal ones brain.  Derek had to seek out a program on his own through the Chaplain.  He wants to conquer this battle to be pure. 

The Conquer series says one going through this program needs an accountability partner.  I am Derek’s accountability partner.  He has made improvements by leaps and bounds he said since we started this program.  He shared with me how that ever since he was a kid that was molested and abused he felt unlovable and has struggled to feel, sense, and know that the Almighty loves him.  I have been a vessel for the Almighty so Derek can finally overcome this issue.

As an aside, my case manager admitted I should be transferred now to a camp instead of staying at this facility due to my low pattern score for violence.  (Ironically they should have known this before I surrendered)  However, she said I still need to stay for 6 months before reviewing again for transfer.  As much as I did not like that response, I now know why the Almighty wants me to stay.  It appears to help Derek so when he gets released in another 5 years or so he can help people who also suffer from the same problem.

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