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7/1/21: Another dose of Keeping It Real While in Prison

Hope you are still enjoying this series that my friends and I come up to show you how we are keeping it real while in prison.

You know you are keeping it real in prison when:

1.  The policy statement for this all men’s prison says guys can get an abortion.

2.  You can get put in the SHU for trying to walk out of the cafeteria with an apple, buy you can buy all the pop, cookies, pastries and candy from the commissary (prison store)

3.  The only place you can buy anything is the commissary, which often is out of many items.  Fortunately they run out of the non-essentials like tooth brushes, underwear, clothes, razors, etc…  However, they always have enough Paydays and Snickers in stock to build a house.

4.  You have to use parts of old cardboard boxes and old shoe laces to add shelves to your locker.

5.  You can buy a hand cranked portable radio, but not a battery operated one.

6.  In the TV room, there are 8 TV’s and about 80 chairs.  Even when only 10 chairs are being used, the other 70 empty, you STILL have to ask if it is ok to sit down. 

7.  You get so used to being patted down leaving chow hall that you will miss it when leaving a restaurant back home when nobody searches.

8.  Your prison sentence is so long that your clothes at home will be back in style.

9.  You hear keys jingle, you stop and make sure you are not doing anything wrong.

10.  You see a guy coming out of a room and he says, “Man those were yummy nuts”, but he was not referring to the nuts sold at the commissary.  (I never had this happen to me, but a friend of mine that has been here over 5 years has multiple times.)

Hope you enjoyed these.  We are always working on more so you guys can get a better feel for what life is like here.

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