Count and Bible Study

Today I thought I would give you a better idea of things going on here that I do everyday from 4 to 5, and also at 9 PM.  First, at 4 PM the prison is required to do an inmate count so EVERY inmate must be in their assigned room and 2 guards will enter the hallway and yell “COUNT”!  That is when ALL inmates must stand next to their beds with mask on and absolutely no talking.  They try to count as fast as they can, sometimes they mess up and they must do a recount.  Once count is clear, we can leave our room.

Next, at 4:30 I lead a Bible study in the unit I am in.  We simply go through the Bible in order.  I’ll read and whenever there is a question or comment we stop and discuss.  Currently we are in 2 Kings.  For those that I have taught before I surrendered, they know that when I read the Bible, I like to read with expression and passion.  This allows the inmates to stay more focused.  A few of the inmates enjoy when I read the words like prostitute or whores.  hehe

At 9 PM, they also do a count.  Again, masks on and no talking.  Unfortunately this count a few inmates will talk (not in my room luckily).  In fact, the other day in the unit next to the one I am in, a female officer helped count and naturally a few inmates felt the need to say a few disrespectful things to her.  Therefore, after count the 2 guards went up to the disrespectful hallway and “shaked them down.”  Meaning they dumped ALL the stuff that is in the lockers on the floor and pulled all covers off their beds.  They did this each hour from 10 PM to 1 AM until they apologized.  As you can see, just being quiet and respectful will get you far here in prison. 

Hopefully, you got a better idea of what I do here from 4 to 5 and at 9.

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