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Does God Hear Me?

Many that know me think that I am an eternal optimist or seem to be always positive.  Let me be the first to admit, this is not always true despite the fact that I always try to be.

In fact, on November 12 in the afternoon was one of those times because on November 1, I signed documents so I can be released under the CARES Act.  My case manager must take the signed documents to the Unit Manager to be signed.  The Unit Manager’s office is only 20 feet down the hall.  On November 12, the Unit Manager told she still has not received the documents to sign so the warden can then sign his part so then I can be assigned a release date.  As of October 18th, I became eligible for the CARES Act yet things are still not done.

The case manager and unit manager just do not care enough about inmates getting home even when the inmates who meet the criteria are clearly entitled to be home under the laws that exist.  Needless to say, this makes me very angry and sad because I have worked extremely hard to maintain a positive outlook on things while at the same time stay patient.  It is very hard to do both here in prison, especially when one knows they should be home.

I have prayed many times on my hands and knees asking God to help me keep going.  Being told by the Unit Manager that things have not been progressing like they should make me ask, “Does God Hear Me?”  I begged the Almighty to give me patience to keep going because it is very very very hard to remain calm under these circumstances.  Not to mention being surrounded by inmates with all sorts of levels of crime.

At the daily Bible study I help teach, an inmate also named Dave opened up the study with prayer.  Without me even asking for him to pray for patience for me, he specifically asked for patience for me.  God does hear me and there is a reason things are not progressing like they should.  I will continue to pray and ask for wisdom, understanding, and patience.

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