7/3/21: The God-Shaped Brain

Derek let me borrow a book he recently read called “The God-Shaped Brain” by Timothy Jennings, M.D..  Derek said it has really helped him understand how his brain thinks and what to do for his brain to think more clearly.  It revolves around changing one’s view of God to help transform one’s life.

I am glad I read this book because it is very easy to understand the author’s logic.  In addition, I enjoy how a medical doctor uses the scripture to support everything.  Lastly, the book is very applicable in helping me understand not only how people with addictions think, but also how anyone thinks.

A big thing that the author points out is the more we do something that is wrong/sin we become desensitized to it being wrong in our minds.  Hence it becomes harder and harder to change.  You might WANT to change, but since you are so desensitized to the sin it is hard to overcome it right away.  Imagine being sick and going to the doctor.  When the doctor comes in, you do not want the doctor to examine your brother.  You want that doctor to examine you and give you treatment to heal you.  Much like we should want God to examine (search our heart) and heal us since sin kills us NOT the Almighty.  We just have to earnestly want it. 

Another point the author made I appreciated is that genuine faith is not having confidence that God can perform miracles, but trusting Him even when he – in our opinion – doesn’t.  Much like Job in the Old Testament when Job lost his wealth, health, and kids.  He still kept his faith. 

Something encouraging the author wrote that resonated with me is saying how sinners don’t have to understand anything about HOW CHRIST achieves our salvation in order to be saved, but we do have to TRUST God and accept his treatment in order to benefit from all that Christ HAS DONE.  Definitely easier said than done, especially when in prison.

Lastly, I learned when fear increases, love, growth, development, and healthy thinking decrease.  When love increases, not only does fear decrease, but growth, development and healthy thinking all improve.  Fear and love are inversely proportional.  Therefore show love to God and others first and your fears will decrease. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to grow not only more in their faith, but also in the knowledge of how people think.  I personally am trying to understand more and more how people that have a sex addiction think so I can better communicate with to help them.

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