The Gray Man

Today I finished reading a novel titled “The Gray Man” by Mark Greaney.  I have read a few of his books since being in prison and this was the first one of his Gray Man series.  I really enjoy reading these type of books because of the action and as mentioned previously, it allows me to pass time in a way where I can social distance and take my mind off being in prison.

This story starts off with the main character, Court Gentry, on a mission as a hired assassin by a private company called Cheltenham Security Services.  Court Gentry was successful at his mission, but another large customer of Cheltenham Security Services called Laurent Group wanted Court Gentry eliminated because the person Court Gentry aka The Gray Man assassinated was a brother of a political figure that Larent Group needed to approve a big oil project worth billions.  This political figure would not approve teh oil project unless he had The Gray Man’s head on ice.

Larent Group held the owner and family of Cheltham Security Services hostage to get Court Gentry to come rescue the owner and his family.  Larent Group also assembled 12 kill teams around Europe to search out The Gray Man before he even got to Normandy, France where the hostages were being held.

In amazing action sequences, The Gray Man took out all of the teams as he worked his way from places like Geneva to Paris to Normandy.  Finally The Gray Man showed at the big estate where the hostages were held and took out all the people there too and rescued the hostages.

I heard Netflix has or is coming out with a series based on this character.  I am looking forward to watching a few episodes once out of prison.  Definitely would be interested in reading more books based on this character to help me pass the time.

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